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How to Get to Himeji|Highway bus, JR trains, Shinkansen, etc from Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe Stations and airports

Himeji is easily accessible from distant places with the Shinkansen bullet train and express bus services. We will introduce the most convenient and optimal transportation network from popular cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and nearby airports. Check the timetables of various transportation companies as well.

・Where is Himeji?

Himeji City is home to the World Heritage Site and National Treasure, Himeji Castle.

As you exit JR Himeji Station, located in the center of the city, you will see the majestic castle, also known as the “White Egret Castle” spreading its graceful white wings(white wall), at the end of a busy street lined with restaurants and shops.

You will definitely have an exciting journey in Himeji, a city where modern culture and the good old days are well-mixed.

Himeji City is located in the southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture. It is located approximately 60 km away from Kobe City, and is in the Kansai area where popular tourist cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara are concentrated.

With the Shinkansen and express bus services in operation, the city is easily accessible from distant locations. Taking the Shinkansen, it is only 30 minutes to Shin-Osaka and 50 minutes to Kyoto Station, making it possible to travel to  popular close cities during the stay.

Check out our transportation network and plan your trip with us!

・Access from Osaka to Himeji

Note: The limousine buses connecting Kansai International Airport to Himeji Station and Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) to Himeji Station are partially suspended and operate with reduced frequency as of February 1, 2023. Please check the website below for the latest information.

More info >> The limousine bus service for Kansai International Airport – Himeji Station

More info >> The limousine bus service for Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) – Himeji Station

By the way, limousine buses run from each airport to Kobe Sannomiya as usual, and there are many services available. The easiest route is to take the bus to Kobe Sannomiya, transfer to a conventional JR line, and go from JR Sannomiya Station to Himeji Station.

More info >> The limousine bus service for Kansai International Airport – Kobe Sannomiya

More info >> The limousine bus service for Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) – Kobe Sannomiya

・Access from Kyoto to Himeji

・Access from Kobe to Himeji

Note: Port Liner(Monorail) runs from Kobe Airport to Sannomiya Station. Check the following site for operation information.

More info >>  Port Liner service for Kobe Airport – Sannomiya Station

・Access from Tokyo to Himeji

・Access from Okayama to Himeji

・Access from Hiroshima to Himeji

・Access from Fukuoka to Himeji

・Timetables for airport limousine buses, JR conventional lines, and Shinkansen

Check the timetables of airport limousine buses, conventional JR lines, and Shinkansen from the following sites.

Kansai International Airport Limousine Bus >>

Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) Limousine Bus >>

Kobe Airport Limousine Bus >>
Note: As of February 1, 2024, there are no direct flights between Kobe Airport and Himeji Station. It is recommended to take the Portliner from Kobe Airport Station to Sannomiya Station, transfer to a conventional JR line, and access JR Himeji Station. Check here for Port Liner service.

Check the timetable of JR Conventional Line or Shinkansen >>

This article is current as of Feb 1, 2024. It may differ from the latest information.