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Himeji Sight Seeing Bus|1-DAY unlimited-ride ticket, special bus tickets including the fees of popular sightseeing spots, etc

We introduce you to the best bus tickets for sightseeing in Himeji. We have a lot of information you should know, such as buses for foreigners only and 1-DAY and 2-DAY unlimited tickets. Recommended for those who want to explore Himeji, a city with many attractions, efficiently and at a reasonable price. Check it out!

・Hyogo Amazing Pass (for foreigners only)

This ticket allows unlimited rides for 1,000 yen per day on Shinki Buses running within Hyogo Prefecture (also operating in Himeji City), City Loop/Port Loop in Kobe, and the Sannomiya-Sanda Premium Outlets Route. Only foreign visitors to Japan can use this ticket. All you have to do is show your smart phone screen when you get on the train.

Available Days
1 Day Ticket (Available 24 hours)

Ticket Fee
Adults 1,000 yen, Under Elementary school students  500 yen

Available Routes
Shinki Bus (Orange Bus (that runs within Hyogo Prefecture
City Loop Bus and Port Loop Bus in Kobe
Highway buses (Sanda-Osaka route only)

How to purchase tickets and how to use them
(1) Tickets can be purchased through the dedicated ticket purchase website.  More info  >>
(2) Enter the number of passengers and credit card information to purchase tickets.
(3) Before boarding the bus, select the ticket you wish to use from the “Purchase Status” button.
(4) Press the “Show Ticket” button and slide the “Slide To Activate” button. *Be sure to slide the button just before boarding the train.
*Be sure to slide the button just before boarding. If you accidentally activate the ticket immediately after purchase, no refund will be made.
(5) When exiting the train, exit through the front door. Please show your cell phone’s mobile ticket to the train crew when you get off.

Canceling a ticket or Changing the date of use
Check the official website for details! More info >>

・Check some special tickets for expoloring Himeji!

There are a variety of special tickets available depending on your destination, such as a ticket that includes a ropeway ticket and a bus ticket to the popular tourist spot Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple, or an unlimited one-day ticket for use around Himeji Castle or in the Nishi-Harima area. Let’s make good use of them and enjoy sightseeing at a reasonable price!

● Mt. Shoshazan Ropeway Set Ticket
A set of a round-trip bus ticket (from Himeji Station to Mt. Shosha ropeway Station) and a ticket of Mt. Shoshazan Ropeway. More info >>

Shoshazan Engyoji Temple – Location of movie “The Last Samurai” |View of autumn leaves from Ropeway and experience Japanese calligraphy, sitting meditation, etc

● Unlimited Ride Ticket for Nishi-Harima Bus
This is a digital ticket for unlimited one-day rides on Shinki Bus and Wing Shinki buses in the Nishi-Harima area (buses operating in the central Nishi-Harima area), Ako Kanko Shuyu Bus and community buses. More info >>

● Himeji Castle Loop Bus 1-Day Ticket
A one-day pass for unlimited rides on buses circling around Himeji Castle. More info >>

● Shiro no Machi Meguri 2-Day Ticket
Unlimited rides for 2 days on the 230 yen section from Himeji Station and the Mt. Shoshazan ropeway line. More info >>

This article is current as of Jan 24, 2024. It may differ from the latest information.